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Providing Protection To Uninsured Restaurant Workers


The average American restaurant worker lives paycheck to paycheck. Usually the workplace is their only access to group-rate insurance products. According to industry research by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United over 93% of restaurant workers do not receive health insurance benefits from their employer.


What happens to a Line Cook's income when they become ill or get injured and can't work for several months? Today they often rely on GoFundMe and Facebook fundraising pages to raise money among friends and family to pay their bills and medical expenses until they can get back to work.

Voluntary guaranteed-renewable policies offer the financial protection restaurant employees need to make it through life’s transitions when things go wrong with their health and can’t work. Cash benefits are paid directly to employees to help with expenses such as rent, groceries, child care, unexpected medical costs and daily living expenses.

At FleurINS, we specialize in providing voluntary guaranteed-renewable accident, disability, critical illness, cancer and life insurance policies for Louisiana's uninsured restaurant workers. We help them offset the rising out-of-pocket costs of healthcare with no effect on employer bottom-line because premiums are 100% employee-paid.

Reasons why voluntary benefits work well for restaurants:

  • No Effect On Employer Bottom-line

  • Attract & Retain Quality Employees

  • Enhances Overall Benefits Package

  • Low-Cost Method For Employees To Get Protection 

  • Easy, Prompt Claims Payments Process

  • Cash Benefit Paid Directly To Employee

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