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Do You Have to Take Employer Health Insurance?

Employer health insurance is the most common form of coverage in the U.S. since it can help with some or all of the monthly premiums and make health insurance more affordable. If you don’t want to take the employer health coverage in River Ridge, LA, because of the cost or the plans available, you don’t have to do so. However, there are some things to know when you are selecting your own policy. You may not qualify for any subsidies or financial assistance. In many cases, sticking with employer health insurance can be your cheapest option. You may only get subsidies if the plans offered by an employer don’t meet minimum coverage requirements.


If you are searching the marketplace for a plan, then you may be able to pay premiums with a health savings account. This uses pre-tax dollars so you lower the taxes you pay. If employer health coverage for the whole family is too expensive, there are other options for insuring children.

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Benefits of Group Health Insurance

There are many advantages to group health insurance offered by an employer.


Save Money: There are much lower costs when it comes to group health insurance. This helps employees find affordable insurance and it also helps the employer who wants to give employees good insurance they can afford to offer. Since there is such a high number of people in the group, there is less risk. This can result in better insurance plans and a lower price for those insurance plans.


Better Employee Recruitment: Businesses that offer group health insurance can have better recruitment. This can lower your hiring costs since hiring and training new employees can cost money and take time. You can enhance your office atmosphere and improve morale.


Tax Incentives: Group insurance offers tax incentives that benefit both the employer and employees. They come for the employer in the form of a small business health care tax credit and the employees get different tax breaks as well.

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