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Do you live between New Orleans & Baton Rouge near one of the 156 chemical plants in "Cancer Alley"?

A 100-mile stretch from New Orleans to Baton Rouge has over 156 industrial facilities. Considered the most toxic land in the Western hemisphere, people living in Louisiana's polluted refineries communities are 6x more likely to get cancer than the national average.
Does Cancer run in your family?
Do you know lots of people in your community who have cancer with no family history?
Do you know someone who got cancer and didn't have insurance and know is ruined financially?
If so, then you should consider owning cancer insurance to financially protect you and your family. You can choose how much or how little coverage you want, and tailor it to your family’s specific needs.
Cancer Insurance is affordable costing anywhere from $10 - $20 per week  help pay for expensive treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and travel to and from MD Anderson.​
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